Cedric Edmonds is the founder of Replexus. He has been active in the insurance linked securities (ILS) market since 1999.

He is a reinsurer by background, first at Catlin Syndicate and then Swiss Re in Zurich, moving to Allianz Risk Transfer in Zurich in 1999. He has a background in traditional reinsurance as well as structured reinsurance. He moved to Solidum Partners in 2008 and founded Replexus in 2020.

He has been a source for ideas and innovation in the ILS market. In 2009 he Set up a Guernsey ICC and then in January 2010 issued the first 'private placement insurance linked securities' later named 'cat bond lite' by Trading Risk. In November 2010 these securities, which were settled over Euroclear, traded in the secondary market, the first time collateralised reinsurance had ever traded. In 2011 Solidum Re Eiger listed on the CISX (Channel Islands Stock Exchange in Guernsey, the predecessor of The International Stock Exchange - TISE) and the VSE (Vienna Stock Exchange), the first time a cat bond lite had ever been listed. In 2017 with the Dom Re 2017 issue he was behind the first ever securities to be settled on a blockchain (not merely ILS). The first ever secondary trade on a blockchain then occurred in December 2017. To date the blockchain has had over 20 securities settled over it. In 2018 Cedric was behind Solidum Re (Guernsey) ICC limited joining the TISE (Channel Islands and Isle of Man Stock Exchange) as a listing member and in the summer of 2018 TISE became the first ever exchange to list securities settled and traded on a blockchain when it listed the Dom 2018 issue.