Dunant Re IC Limited

Dunant Re IC Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary and Incorporated Cell of Replexus (Guernsey) ICC Limited.

Dunant Re was incorporated to issue an insurance-linked security for the Danish Red Cross to provide protection for 10 volcanoes around the world for a period of up to three years. This was the first ever bond to securitise solely volcanic eruption risk and was also the first ever humanitarian cat bond designed to provide the Red Cross with funds for humanitarian aid upon the occurrence of a catastrophe.

Further information on the security can be requested from Dunant Re IC Limited.

Dunant Re was named for the Swiss businessman Henry Dunant who inspired the creation of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement in 1863 after he saw thousands of men on both sides of the Battle of Solferino in 1859 left to die due to lack of care.

Dunant also proposed that countries adopt an international agreement, which would recognise the status of medical services and of the wounded on the battlefield. This agreement – the original Geneva Convention – was adopted in 1864.